Robert Craven


I am a Ph.D. student in philosophy at Birkbeck College, University of London, where my supervisors are Jennifer Hornsby and Andrew Huddleston. I work mostly in metaphysics and the philosophy of action, but also in the philosophy of mind, logic and language; I'm especially interested in self-consciousness, action, time and thought. Amongst the philosophers whose work most occupies me are Aristotle, Kant, Frege, Anscombe, McDowell and Rödl. Previously, I also took an M.Phil.Stud. at Birkbeck, when I worked with Anthony Price on Aristotle.

While taking the M.Phil.Stud., I was a research associate and temporary lecturer in artificial intelligence in the Computing department at Imperial College London; my research was on argumentation, logics of action, deontic logic and policy analysis. I have a Ph.D. in logic and A.I., and an M.Sc. in the mathematical foundations of computer science, from the same place.

Before that, I did my undergraduate degree in philosophy at King's College, Cambridge.



Selected publications