I'm interested in philosophy and in artificial intelligence.

In philosophy, my work is concerned with time, self-consciousness, thought and action—with the ways these together form human being, with subjectivity and with the being of ‘points of view’. I'm also interested in how Kant, Frege, Wittgenstein and Anscombe thought about these themes. I'm currently finishing a Ph.D. on these matters at Birkbeck College, University of London, supervised by Jennifer Hornsby and Keith Hossack. Previously, I took an M.Phil.Stud., also at Birkbeck, concentrating on ethics, metaphysics and Aristotle; I wrote a thesis on the metaphysics of stuff (that to which mass-terms refer).

While taking the M.Phil.Stud., I was a research associate in artificial intelligence in the Computing department at Imperial College London; my research was on argumentation, logics of action, deontic logic and policy analysis. I have a Ph.D. in logic and A.I. from Imperial, on temporal reasoning and non-monotonic logics. Before that, I took an M.Sc. in the mathematical foundations of computer science, also with a substantial component on A.I., from the same place. I program mostly in prolog and python.

Before that, I did my undergraduate degree in philosophy at King's College, Cambridge.




Selected publications